вторник, 13 мај 2008

introduction to japanese food

Well, I am not an expert on anime or manga or japanese pop music or whatever, but I can talk about Japanese food. I will introduce Japanese food here as a series sometime.

This time, I just wanted to show a picture of a square watermelon that I found in Japan. This is specially made for a decoration or gift purpose. Our watermelon is usually round like Macedonians (^_^). In Japan, fruits are generally expensive. A cut-watermelon cup in the photo costs 200 yen, which is about 100 MKD, and usually tasteless compared to Macedonian watermelon.

It tells why I was pretty much impressed when I bought a whole watermelon in Macedonia first time.

From next post, I will introduce all kinds of Japanese food except sushi, which is not our usual home meal but most famous in the world. I am sure there are lots of publications about sushi and sushi manner or whatever, so rather I want to show more casual Japanese food so that when you visit Japan you can order from a menu without mistake (*^o^*)/

Today's word: watermelon = 西瓜(スイカ) suika

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Bi рече...

I would like so much to find out how to prepare some japanese dishes.

I think your posts are going be helpful.

Анонимен рече...

yeah, but most of the time, you might need specific Japanese materials, which I can not buy in Macedonia...
well, will see.