вторник, 29 април 2008

golden week

Golden Week (ゴールデンウィーク) is truly a gold for Japanese salarymen (サラリーマン)who work so hard that they can not take a long vacation more than one week usually.

Right now, it is in the middle of the Golden Week in Japan. Golden Week is like a week with consecutive national holidays. April 29 is Showa Day, formerly Showa emperor's birthday; May 3 is Constitution Memorial Day, May 4 is Greenery Day or Nature Day; and May 5 is Children's Day or Boy's day (こどもの日), which is celebrated with the Kabuto (see photo). May 1 is not usually a national holiday, but many companies offer a holiday for their employees. And, when a public holiday lands on a Sunday, the next day that is not already a holiday becomes a holiday for that year.

See, including regular Sundays and Saturdays, it is a bunch of holidays. Even salarymen can be on vacation. Every year in this period, many Japanese go on a trip abroad. This year, about a half million will be out from Japan during the period of April 24 to May 7.

And, for Japonka-san, who happens to be in Macedonia during this period, it is good timing to take the own Golden Week since the Orthodox Easter and May day can make the part of it.
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japonkasan рече...

by the way, that Kabuto is for my nephew who was born December 2007. It is his first Boy's day.It should be a big celebration ;)

Bi рече...

It's funny that a free week for the Japanese people is a golden week.
For us Macedonnians, is just another free week ;)

And about the Kabuto. I see somekind of samurai hat, could you tell me what does Kabuto contain?

FiGi рече...

Congrats on the nephew japonkasan,may he grow healthy and strong. ;)