среда, 04 јуни 2008

japanese food - yakitori

Yakitori (やきとり) is one of basic Japanese foods that salarymen would enjoy, drinking with ビール (biiru/ beer) and 酒(sake) after work. Literally it is "grilled (yaki) chicken (tori)." Since most of Macedonian are meat lovers, I am sure yakitori would be one of your favorite. Japanese eat all parts of chicken. The photo shows, from left-up, レバー(rebaa/ liver), かわ(kawa/ skin), はつ(hatsu/ heart) and skins. There are all other parts like XXX or legs, etc., but I just do not eat such parts.... Yakitori is seasoned either with しお(shio/ salt) or タレ(tare/ soysause based sweet stuff). Usually shio for skins, tare for livers. Hmmmm. Yummy. I think all yokitori materials could be available in Macedonia (because it is just a chicken, salt or soysause, sugar and sake, I suppose), I wish somebody would cook yakitori for me....

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