петок, 20 февруари 2009

Japanese music rocks

Мојата најнова омилена Bleach влезна музичка тема.

Текстот морав да го ставам(иако не целосен), исфрустрирана од мојата сооченост со потпросечноста на македонската поп музика, од која развив алергија деновиве.

Aqua Timez - Velonica lyrics

I still act happy when i sing even though i'm frustrated by the latest trends
Maybe it's reckless to just say, "run away" but i've got the wind at my back.
There's no time to look back, i'm surrounded by enemies and the next "game" is an all-out war.
There are mountains, vallys, cliffs...
and the dust keeps piling up.
i collapse outside of town, landing softly.
My legs are weary of their endless journey.
And i slip in and out of a restless sleep.
I see the same profile, hear the same words over and over.
As the smoke from my cigarette vanishes into the sky,
I wonder, "Isnt life sad if all you do is just live?"
Guess i'm still a helpless kid after all.
Now, having witnessed sadness you should never have seen
Crying tears that should have remained dry.
We may not be tough enough to live on truth alone,
But you know, we don't need to be.

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